Brian & Sarah Hayles are the husband and wife team behind the Hayford Group.

Over the course of their careers both Brian and Sarah continually experienced the same problem - a lack of access to highly qualified, highly skilled leaders who could provide support to their teams quickly for short, medium &/ long term projects.  It was with this in mind that they founded The Hayford Group.

The Hayford Group provides specialist personnel to slot into workplaces and provide quality support, quickly.

Sarah Hayles | Skills & Experience Overview

Sarah has a Masters of Mining Engineering and has worked in the mining & construction industry for over 18 years.  The majority of Sarah's experience is in the areas of Leadership, Project Management & Planning & Performance. 

Sarah's strengths include - 

- Strong Leadership & Safety Leadership

- Project Management 

- Project Disciplines 

- Planning & Performance 

Brian Hayles | Skills & Experience Overview

Brian was a mechanic in the automotive industry for 10 years and then went on to work as a diesel fitter for an OEM dealer in Queensland for the past 12 years. 

Over the past 12 years Brian has worked in all roles from the workshop to Leading Hand and Workshop Foreman. 

Brian's strengths include 

- Strong Mentoring & Safety Leadership 

- Excellent Technical Knowledge 

- People Management  

- Quality Management  

- Problem Solving 

- Project Planning 

- Overall Job Control (inc. financial) 


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